Winter Is Here!

Winter Is Here!

You Glow Girl! The days of cold are on the calendar. The weather demands a cuddle cup of hot chocolate, blankets and books or our all time favourite, Netflix and Chill. But along with that, we also need to note that with cold, even dryness is marching towards us. We need to be prepped with our shields and weapons for fighting the dryness that takes away the glow.

Wondering how?

Say hello to the Skin Care range of SSCPL which is specially crafted to suit your skin in winters. At SSCPL, we understand that just like you, your skin needs pampering with the right ingredients. We have prepared a diet for your skin and once you have that in your hands, your skin will be as bright as you, even in winters.

Here’s what we have in our store for you-

  1. Kayakalpa– A superior formula merged with a daily use attire- SSCPL’s Kayakalpa Cream. Moisturizing the skin stands to be its best perk. When used regularly, a silky smooth feel is gifted to your skin. It deeply moisturizes the skin and supplies an incredible amount of natural nutrients to it, all for your wellness!
    1. Aloevera Gel with Vitamin E- Our Aloevera Gel is full of goodness. With no toxic chemicals and just natural ingredients, Botanical Aloevera Gel with Vitamin E should be on your winter skin care It easily seeps in through your skin and moisturizes it.
    1. Cocoa and Shea Butter Lotion– The ultimate moisturizer indeed holds in itself the best of contents like Olive and Almond oil and Cocoa Shea Butter. This magic care lotion doesn’t wait for a second to get in your skin and immediately provides all the nutrition. It doesn’t leave your skin too oily and also leaves a long-lasting impact.
    1. Lavender Hand and Foot Bath Salt– When the skin of our hands and feet turn-ups chippy and dry, Bath Salts come to the rescue! They kick off the dead skin off your body and that inturn relieves the winter dryness itching. Exotic ingredients in a cutesy container, waiting to nourish your skin!
    1. Collagen Modeling Mask– This is all your face needs. An all rounder mask that battles +all your skin problems. It hydrates, moisturizes, detoxifies and tightens the skin. A few minutes with this pack offers you a long time glow. 100% natural ingredients act like a saviour in the dry days.
      1. Charuta Intense Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner– Not just skin, but winter also tampers your hair health and damages it. Dry Scalp and split ends take over the hair scenario. To deal with such issues, an intense nourishing shampoo and conditioner is needed. Our Charuta series looks over your hair with herbal packed solutions. The scalp is moisturized and damaged hair is fixed with Charuta by SSCPL.
      1. SPF- 30– Even though the coldness is taking over, the sun doesn’t stop shining bright, exhibiting all the UV rays it has. Hence, you need a lotion that will save you from the skin-damaging rays while nourishing it. Here, SPF 30 by SSCPL will save you. It blocks a 97% of the UV rays and prevents tanning.


    This, and many such creams, lotions and products await you. This winter, bid a goodbye to dry skin and welcome a season of nourishment, care, softness and moisturizing. With SSCPL, indeed, YOU WILL GLOW GIRL!