Winter Hair Care Routine

Winter Hair Care Routine

Comfort, coziness, and warmth are walking towards us. Winters are here! Such a good time to sneak under layers of the blanket fort or maybe, make a cuddle cup of hot chocolate, get into sweatpants and chill, while you’re binge-watching your favorite show! Did we just give you a cozy winter plan? You are all set to enjoy but is your hair too comfy with this season?

Actually, no. Winter brings dry scalp, breakage-prone and rough hair. That, and many such problems march to hair in winters. So we have a good reason to separate the winter hair care routine from our daily schedules and actually pay attention to it. And, for you, we have the best ingredients to keep your hair game strong. Here’s all you need to keep your scalp all happy this winter!

Constant Moisturization

As moisture is less around us during winters, the scalp gets dry and itchy. This inturn causes dandruff and flakiness, ultimately resulting in hair fall. A massage of oil twice a week will take care of your scalp. SSCPL’s Keshkalp Advanced Sesame Hair Oil will be your friend. It seeps in through your hair shaft and moisturizes hair and scalp. Essentials are added in the oil to promote hair growth by protecting hair follicles.

Correct Shampoo

Let’s start this with a warning. If the right shampoo is not used, your natural hair oils will be stripped off your hair. So, to take care of your hair and hair oils, we have Charuta Intense Nourishing Shampoo. It won’t cause dryness and irritation but rather, it’ll look after your hair. It cleanses hair and restores lost moisture so it’s alright to add this in your wishlist!

Spot On Conditioner

Just one sentence. Never skip the conditioner during winters. Note this somewhere. An ordinary conditioner will leave your hair dull but SSCPL’s Charuta Intense Nourishing Conditioner is a thick and creamy conditioner composed of herbal ingredients. The aloe vera, shea butter and olive oil in it will nourish your hair thoroughly. Apply it from mid hair and below, keep it on for a few minutes and rinse it off.

Cream Bath

Shine and lustre will definitely be adapted by your hair if you use SSCPL’s Cream Bath for Anti Dandruff and Scalp Repair. A healthy volume and nourishment of your scalp is guaranteed. It helps fight dandruff and locks the moisture in your hair.


We know it is getting cold out there but still, using too hot water could cause damage to your hair. It can rinse the natural oils on your hair and leave it dry. Hence, using lukewarm water will benefit you.


While you step outside, flaunting your hair, SSCPL’s Hair Serum will be a savior. It is non-greasy and ultra-light, making it perfect for daily use. Dry and damaged hair treatment can be done well by making serum a part of hair care routine. It retains moisture in the hair and makes it look shiny too.

So, this year, winter won’t zap out the life out of your hair. With SSCPL’s premium hair care products, a soft winter is coming your way. Our range of herbal products for skin and hair suit you and prep you for this cold cozy season. Order now! Hope you have a soft and silky winter!