Which Herbal Brand is the Best for Skin?

Which Herbal Brand is the Best for Skin?

Gone are those days when an easy, hassle-free routine of cleansing and moisturising was just enough to maintain skin’s health; today a 10-step routine with 10 different products is common among skincare enthusiasts-all for achieving smooth, blemish-free, glowing skin. Well! Today, maintaining the skin is the need of an hour, considering the busy schedule, stress, pollution, and lifestyle that eventually show up on the face. Everyone today is in search of skin and hair care products to pamper their skin and hair.

What are herbal products?

By definition, herbal products are products created using natural herbs. Herbal products are crafted based on what is produced by our mother nature. These products are made with the goodness of natural ingredients in a safe and natural way. Since they are crafted with natural ingredients, the products are chemical and cruelty-free.

Are your chemical-laden beauty products safe?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that most beauty products we use today are laden with chemicals and synthetic compounds. The thing about skincare products today is that most beauty brands promise consumers a host of skin benefits. All they need to do is produce a chemically-synthesized product, glorify its skin benefits, hide its side-effects, and do great packaging and marketing, and tada! The products will sell like hot cakes. While these chemical-laden products do make you look good instantly, they prove to be harmful in the long run. For example, paraben is used in many skin care and beauty products, but the use of paraben makes your skin dry and causes your skin to age faster.

Why are herbal products great for your skin?

What makes herbal skincare products stand out from the rest is that they are packed with the goodness of natural ingredients. From deep cleansing face washes, hydrating moisturizers, and face serums to enriching shampoos and hair growth-promoting herbal oils, they maintain skin and hair health without any side-effects. Herbal products are skin-friendly as they are crafted from botanical ingredients enriched with natural antioxidants. They are suitable for all skin types and only make your skin healthy and smooth with time. This is why many people are seen shifting their skincare routine from chemical-laden products to more natural ones.

Many brands like SSCPL herbals are coming up with an amazing range of herbal skin and hair care products that are the best alternatives to chemically synthesised beauty products. For example, benzoyl peroxide is a go-to treatment option for acne. Benzoyl peroxide gels and creams work magically to reduce the growth of acne-causing bacteria, but at the cost of side effects like redness, irritation, burning, and making the skin dry, ultimately leading it to peel off. On the contrary, the best natural alternative to benzoyl peroxide is tea tree oil. Bursting with antioxidants, tea tree oil discourages bacterial growth and has been found beneficial in reducing acne almost as effectively as benzoyl peroxide but without any side effects.

As mentioned earlier, brands like SSCPL herbals are coming up with products that are sourced from natural ingredients like tea tree oil, aloevera, cucumber, turmeric, shea butter, to name a few. All the products manufactured by SSCPL herbals are 100% natural, infused with herbal and botanical extracts, and are free of harmful parabens, sulphates, animal by-products, and petrochemicals. Suitable for all skin types, these herbal skin and hair products do not have any harmful side-effects on the skin. So, it’s time to shift from chemical-laden skin care products to these herbal ingredients that work the best for all skin types and only benefit your skin.