What are open pores and how can they be treated?

What are open pores and how can they be treated?

Large pores or open pores are one of the few common problem people face today. And let’s face it, we are all trying to escape this some way or the other. Would the obvious solution be to not go out in the heavy pollution that causes it? Evidently enough, that would be the worst solution to it. Let us dig in and find out what exactly these pores are and what causes it?

What looks like pores on the skin are actually the hair follicle openings which act as an escape route for the perspiration and also for the other toxins in the body. Everyone has pores on their skin, what usually bothers people is the size of the pores. Having pores on your skin is just your body finding a way out to release the built-up toxins. Generally, people with oily skin conditions face this problem. This is because those are the excess oils that are just finding a way out of the skin. And that is the reason why they seem enlarged and appear so vividly on the skin. And to add to that, these pores don’t just stop at that, it further causes common skin problems like pimples and blackheads.

Pollution adds to the problem. The dust particles settle in these large open pores and often cause acne and other skin problems.

As a solution to all of this most people opt for laser skin treatment. This helps in permanently shrink the pores but cost a bomb! Hiding them the pores is another option people opt for by using the oil-free foundation.

Nature has an answer for all the skin problems and a good skincare regime by using SSCPL’s skincare products made from pure and natural ingredients will sort it all out for you!

Here are some of our selected products that will help you solve the problem of pores-

Activated Charcoal Treatment Facial Kit-

SSCPL’s Activated Charcoal Treatment Facial Kit is the perfect solution for all your skin problems that you might face because of large open pores. Activated charcoal stimulates excellent sebum control and will help to reduce the appearance of pimples and blackheads. You can have clear and clean skin just like you have always wanted; and a bonus, it will also, help you have an even skin tone! Pollution problems won’t be a cause of worry anymore as SSCPL’s Activated Charcoal Treatment Facial Kit has you covered!

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Neem Cleansing Milk-

Well, it is proven and known that Neem is always the best solution for any skin condition including large open pores. SSCPL’s Neem Cleansing Milk is the herbal and botanical extract of Neem. Neem is antiseptic and antibacterial in nature. Even if you cover your face it is still prone to all kinds of germs and pollutants that are in the air. Neem is the best solution to counter all those effects of dirt and dust. SSCPL’s Neem Cleansing Milk will cleanse your skin, especially the pores that trouble you. Moreover, dry and itchy skin is another problem one faces even if it is pore-free, this product will help you fight that problem by keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. You can surely forget about the itchiness, especially in the winters.

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Sandal Face Pack-

SSCPL’s Sandal Face Pack is the perfect solution for the dirty skin pores that reduce the glow of your skin. This face pack gives a soothing and hydrating effect which works wonders on your tired and dull skin. The face pack will restore the glow on your skin and you will feel fresh like never before! Hence SSCPL’s Sandal Face Pack is a rejuvenating solution to everything your skin has been through.

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SSCPL Herbals Sandal Face pack 150 gms

In the end, it is all about taking care of your skin and making it feel special. So, head to our shopping section and shop away all that you can to pamper your skin and give it all the care that it needs!