Slow Beauty- A Holistic Approach to Beauty and Skincare

Slow Beauty- A Holistic Approach to Beauty and Skincare

Every girl, woman, or even man has at least one Dadi or Nani ka nuska for their skincare. Isn’t it? Well! Let’s bring this “nuska” concept back on our radar: a return to the slower, simpler beauty and skin-care rituals that our Dadi’s and Nani’s did. Slow beauty is the new buzzword in the beauty industry. If this is the first time you’ve heard of this concept, don’t fret; chances are that you’ve been practising slow beauty for many years without even knowing it. Yes, there are many who use ubtan over some facewash or gram flour over a face sheet mask. Slow beauty is all about going the natural way when it comes to skin care.

Your beauty cabinet might be stacked with different cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, and what not. Well! You need to slow down. Slow, clean, and sustainable are the “new normal” now.

What is “slow beauty”?

“Slow Beauty” is all about taking a natural and holistic approach to looking after your skin. Slow beauty is all set to be around for the long haul. It is all about realising that “less is more” when it comes to your skin’s as well as the planet’s health. The idea here is to lighten up on our skincare regimes and to use just the essentials. Slowing down your beauty routine is to go 100% natural. How about replacing dyes, chemical irritants, alcohol, and processed products with something more natural like rosewater, honey, shea butter, aloe vera, and many more from nature’s wealth.

Why should you adopt “slow beauty”?

Slow beauty is not about demonising products or going make-up-free. It’s not about making any drastic changes to your skincare routine, but it is all about being conscious about what we use, how we use, and why we use it. Let’s have a look at a few perks that slow beauty brings to your routine:

  • Roots in Ayurveda: The slow beauty philosophy echoes the principles of Ayurveda as it recommends a gradual and holistic approach to beauty, unlike instant results or quick fixes using harsh chemicals. Our environment, pollution, stress, and the food we eat all impact the quality of our skin and hair. Slow beauty rooted in Ayurveda emphasises addressing the imbalances and problems from the root and is corrected with an overall approach that involves correct lifestyle, healthy diet, rejuvenating herbs, and topical treatments containing natural organic extracts and ingredients.


  • Mindfulness: Slow beauty rituals and natural nourishing products can really lift your mood and take your mind off the stress and anxiety of the situation we are all in right now. When the body and mind are relaxed, one can see it on your skin, and slow beauty is everything about building rituals that make you feel joyful.


  • Pocket-friendly: Since slow beauty works on the principle of minimal and sustainable products, it minimises the number of products you need to buy, making it quite pocket-friendly. Contrary to the belief that most organic and natural products are costlier, we now have many budget-friendly options. Many beauty brands are pushing themselves to be organic, authentic, slow, and easy on the pocket.

How to develop a slow beauty routine?


The good news is that making the shift to slow beauty doesn’t require a massive overhaul. For someone new who is heading towards slow beauty, it is as simple as using a natural ubtan as a facial cleanser over a face wash that may be loaded with skin irritants. The drill here is to keep a minimal number of products. For example, instead of buying a lip balm, serum, and an eye cream, you can simply buy a face oil and you are game on.

When making the shift to a slower pace in your beauty routine, certain vigilance is required when shopping for new products. Go for a larger fill size, look for eco-friendly packaging, and pay attention to the ingredients used—whether they are organic, vegan, cruelty-free, or fair trade.

Slow beauty is all about embracing natural and organic products that are made sustainably and those that don’t harm the ecosystem. SSCPL Herbals is a leading brand that believes in connecting with nature to craft its products. SSPCL Herbals has a range of products curated with natural and organic extracts that suit all skin types.