Skincare Routine to Look Best in This Summer

Skincare Routine to Look Best in This Summer

There is no end to the number of skincare problems that you may experience during the summer. You would enjoy your summer till the time you get your skin burned by sunlight or have a rash that never seems to stop itching. Therefore, you must learn how to prevent these problems with Natural Herbal Products, so that you can enjoy summer as you are supposed to. The most prominent of these problems is an acne breakout. This happens when your pores get clogged by sweat that mixes with the oil and bacteria in your skin. Is your skin vulnerable to acne?

Then there is always a good chance of having a breakout in these cases.

The other skin issues that we face in the summer

Dry and irritated skin is also a major problem for most at this time of the year. The thing with this problem is that you could still get this problem despite the humidity and heat outside. A major reason people have this issue is that they spend a lot of time out there in the open, in air-conditioned rooms and spaces, and pools. The next major name in this context would be that of folliculitis, an infection in your follicles.

How to deal with these summer skin issues?

The best thing to do in these cases is to follow what the dermatologists suggest. In case of acne breakouts, it is better to blot the sweat away from your skin by using a clean cloth or towel. If you wipe the sweat off, it will irritate the skin further, thus leading to more breakouts. If you suffer from dry and irritated skin, you must shampoo and shower immediately after you get out of the pool. Here, you can use SSCPL’s body wash or mild cleanser for swimming, and the water that you bathe in should be fresh and clean.

Ingredients to help you fight summer skin issues

When you are buying skincare products for the summer, you need to make sure that they have the following ingredients as they are rather effective in helping you fight the heat during the summers:

Neem, Watermelon, Lemon oil, AloeVera, Almond oil, Turmeric, Rose, Papaya, Honey, Shea butter, Carrot, Charcoal, Pure Saffron, Kiwi Extract, Mulberry Extract, Clove cinnamon and so on.

Apart from these, honey and curd are also useful ingredients in this context. The thing with these is that they help soothe the skin during the summers and prevent the discomfort that leads to various skin issues, to begin with. As we SSCPL use above the ingredients in our products, just to maintain your skin healthy and chemical free. Our wide range of herbal products are categorized into skin types and skin condition.


It is very important to have a definite skincare routine for the summers because we experience so many issues with our skin at this time of the year. You also get different kinds of infections during the summer. You need the knowledge to combat such issues and SSCPL can help you in this. You also need to be proactive on our end and follow some basic rules and regulations of hygiene that can make the job easier for us. Get in touch with SSCPL herbal products and you’ll leave with satisfaction. Check our awesome range of herbal product on