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Using botanical extract of fruits, the SSCPL HERBALS Mix Fruit Gel is meant to nourish your skin with AHA’s. This skin friendly, non toxic and effective skin gel hydrates and  nourishes your skin for glow and radiance.

Skin Type :- All


Product Form :- Quick absorbing & Non sticky transparent Gel

What You Get :- A Mix Fruit Gel can be used as a skin nourishing gel for all weather and all skin types.

Available Pack Size :- 150 g, 450 g, 2500 g

– Enriched with botanical extracts of Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, Mulberry, Papaya, Cucumber, Kiwi- Helps Restore your Skin Hydration.
– Free of animal by-products, harmful parabens, petrochemicals, petroleum and sulfates
– NO Bleach
– As this is herbal product, slight tingling sensation may occur for certain skin type.
– The product color may change with time due to presence of herbal active ingredients.
– Kindly do not expose to direct sunlight and keep in cool and dry place.

Enriched with Herbal Extracts:- Lemon (Citrus Aurantifolia), Kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa), Mulberry (Morus Alba), Cucumber (Cucumis Sativa), Papaya (Carica Papaya), Orange (Citrus Sinensis), Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa)


Lemon (Citrus Aurantifolia) Extract

Source of: Vitamin C, Citric Acid and Flavonoids

Lemon helps scrub out the dead cells and lighten dark spots due to its skin lightening and natural bleaching properties. It refreshes skin, keeps it shining, and is also used for effective removal of sun tan. Its healing and astringent properties helps tighten pores and temporarily reduce oil production to provide a brighter and flawless complexion.

Properties: Lightening, De-Tan, Astringent, Rejuvenating, Antioxidant


Kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa) Extract

Source of: Vitamin C and E, Antioxidants, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Copper, Amino Acids, Magnesium, Zinc, and Phosphorus

Kiwi is known to keep your skin moisturized and well-conditioned. Kiwi assists in collagen production and fights acne. It lightens skin tone and neutralizes free radicals to delay signs of ageing. Kiwi is also a known natural exfoliator.

Properties: Moisturizing, Anti ageing, Exfoliating, Rejuvenating


Mulberry (Morus Alba) Extract

Source of: Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, C, E and K, Folate, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Niacin, and Fiber

Mulberry prevents synthesis of melanin and helps remove dark spots. It is known for its skin lightening, sun protecting, and anti tanning properties

Properties: Lightening, De-tanning


Cucumber (Cucumis Sativa) Extract

Source of: Erepsin, Proteolytic Enzymes, Vitamins B1 and C

Cucumber is effective in treating puffy and tired eyes and many issues relate to skin such as blackheads, wrinkles, dryness, etc. It helps fight skin tanning, under eye dark circles, and improves overall skin complexion by making it soft and supple.

Properties: Hydrating, Cooling


Papaya (Carica Papaya) Extract

Source of: Vitamins and Antioxidants including Vitamin A, C, and E

Papaya helps rejuvenate and nourish skin and keeps it hydrated. It not only cleanses but also helps impart natural glow. Papaya is a source of papain that promotes healthy skin tone. The AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids), which are the most coveted ingredients of today for their anti-aging properties, are in abundance in Papaya.

Properties: Lightening, Hydrating, Soothing, Anti Ageing


Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Extract

Source of: Vitamin C

Orange helps remove whiteheads and blackheads and also maintains oil balance thereby enhancing overall skin tone. Due to its skin lightening properties it works effectively on treatment of blemishes and dark spots and imparts lasting radiance. As Orange is a rich source of citric acid it works effectively against acne. It also boosts collagen production and its powerful antioxidants prevent premature ageing of skin.

Properties: Lightening, Toning


Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) Extract

Source of: Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid, Antioxidants, Ellagic acid, Fruits AHAs, Flavonoids

Strawberry is an excellent skin cleanser that removes dead cells while tightening the pores. It fights skin damage caused due to free radicals & is very effective in removing age spots and freckles. It also helps in effective sebum control and fighting acne. Strawberry also reduces puffiness and under eye dark circles.

Properties: Astringent, Skin lightening, Anti-ageing

Make it a practice to first dispense the product you need in a glass bowl and with a dry spatula. Please make sure that the skin area is clean before applying Gel. Apply Gel evenly on entire face and neck avoiding eyes in upward and circular motion. Massage for approximately 5 minutes till it gets absorbed completely into the skin for maximum moisturizing. This Gel can also be mixed with SSCPL HERBALS facepacks for making fine paste.

3 reviews for Mix Fruit Gel

  1. Ella D.

    This gel is induced with great extracts of fruits and hence every extract gives its own benefit when used. Directions of usage given by them are really useful and give best results when used in the same way.

  2. Farida

    This gel has a beautiful aroma and also makes my skin look fresh and radiant.

  3. Ashlesha Puranik

    This gel nourished my skin and added an extra glow to the skin that was much required.

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