Lemongrass Hand and Foot Scrub

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SSCPL Herbals Lemongrass Hand & Foot Scrub enriched with Lemongrass essential Oil and micro exfoliating particles is very effective for gentle exfoliation, removal of dead skin cells and skin rejuvenation.

Skin Type :- All


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Product Form :- Cream Based Scrub with Aroma Essential Oils.

What do you get? :- Hand and Foot Scrub with essential oil of Lemongrass that boasts of anti-fungal, astringent, skin firming and skin lightening properties. The aroma properties of Lemongrass are also well known for relieving
stress and anxiety.

– With Lemongrass Essential Oil
– NO Polybeads
– Helps Restore your Skin Hydration
– Free of animal by-products and harmful parabens
– NO Bleach
– As this is herbal product, slight tingling sensation may occur for certain skin type.
– The product color may change with time due to presence of herbal active ingredients.
– Kindly do not expose to direct sunlight and keep in cool and dry place.

Key Ingredient :- Lemongrass (Cymbopogon)

Key Ingredient Benefit :- 

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon)

Source of: Vitamins and Antioxidants

Lemongrass is known for its anti-microbial & anti-bacterial properties that help limit the microbial growth on skin. It helps ward off skin infections as well as lessen skin issues such as folliculitis and cellulitis. It is helps in controlling damage caused by free radicals. Lemongrass helps cure fungal infections on skin and also acts as an astringent. It helps minimize pores and limits oil secretion. The aroma of Lemongrass helps relieve stress, anxiety, irritability, and insomnia. Lemongrass is also known to help relax and tone muscles as well as relieve muscle pain, rheumatism and headaches. It helps prevent skin aging, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. Lemongrass oil is also useful for moisturizing and can be applied to prevent eczema and dry skin.

Properties: Anti-microbial & Anti-bacterial

Spread thin layer of scrub over the skin area (Hands, Feet, Heels, Toes, etc) and gently scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

This product can be used individually. It is also used during a complete Hand & Foot Spa Treatment / Manicure Pedicure Treatment in the following order.
1. SSCPL Herbals Hand & Foot Softener
2. SSCPL Herbals Hand & Foot Cleanser
3. SSCPL Herbals Hand & Foot Scrub
4. SSCPL Herbals Hand & Foot Massage Cream
5. SSCPL Herbals Hand & Foot Mask
6. SSCPL Herbals Hand & Foot Relaxing Gel

4 reviews for Lemongrass Hand and Foot Scrub

  1. Urjita

    I had lot of issues for skin infection. One of my friend suggested me this scrub and it helped me prevent the infection. Being completely natural product, it fastens the treatment than any chemical product.

  2. Shital Raskar

    This has helped me remove all the itching and infection on my hands due to a certain allergy. Nice product indeed. I only request to improve its aroma.

  3. Tanvi Sumedh

    I had some irritation and this product relaxed the hand and feet and also made my skin better.

  4. Shailaja

    I had developed infection. It treated me till the roots. Effective product.

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