SSCPL Herbals keshkalapa hair oil
SSCPL Herbals keshkalapa hair oil

Keshkalap Advanced Sesame Hair Oil

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Extracted from natural ingredients, Keshkalap Hair Oil strengthens hair and provides a complete nutrition to protect from dandruff, hair fall and dry and itchy scalp. Its pro-active natural proteins prevent premature graying of hair and increases strength of hair follicles. An all natural nourishing Hair Oil enriched with botanical and herbals extracts that is free from mineral oils, parabens and fillers.


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Product Form :- Transparent and Clear Oil

What do you get? :- Paraben and LLP Free, advanced hair and scalp nourishment solution with herbal extracts for various hair and scalp problems.



– NO parabens
– Free of animal by-products
– Enriched with all herbal, natural and botanical Extracts

Key Ingredients :- Jatamasi, Bramhi, Amla, Maka, Neem

Key Ingredient Benefits :- 

Jatamasi is a useful hair tonic that promotes hair growth & strengthens hair roots.

Bramhi is the main revitalizing herb mainly used for dry hair, itchy and scaly scalp and is very effective in arresting hair loss.

Amla has pro-active natural proteins that promote hair growth. It prevents dandruff and premature graying of hair, increases strength of hair follicles. It prevents hair fall and brings forth a rich, natural shine. Amla also prevents split hair ends and its massage therapy has a cooling effect over scalp.

Maka imparts a natural shine and soft texture to the hair and rejuvenates dull and damaged hair.

Neem strengthens hair roots making them thick and strong and provides relief against a dry and itchy scalp.

Apply Keshkalap hair oil regularly on your scalp and hair. For best results, leave it on overnight.

7 reviews for Keshkalap Advanced Sesame Hair Oil

  1. Sakshi Kothare

    I suffered from hair loss and dandruff. Hence my friend suggested me with this hair oil. I used this oil and after regular use, my hair loss has reduced by almost 80%.

  2. Akshata Kale

    I had experienced lot of hair fall and dandruff postpartum. I used this oil and it cured my hair fall and dandruff. Worked like a charm for me!!

  3. Hema Naik

    This hair oil provides deep nourishment up to the roots and also made my hair more beautiful naturally.

  4. Priya Sonawane

    This hair oil has great effect after the massage. It works on the root and also acts as a best medicine to the scalp problems.

  5. Aarti Kumbhar

    I was facing hair loss issue… One of my friend suggested me this oil ..its works like Magic.. Seriously guys my hair fall reduced 70 to 80%…..I loved this oil .. Its Awesommeeeee…

  6. archana.patil215

    I was having dry hairs and lot of hairball issue. Tries this oil and now I feel my hairs are more nourished and smoother. This has reduced hairball to greater extent as well. This oil has pleasant aroma and good for massage .

  7. Vibha

    This hair oil provides deep nourishment. Hair detangling gets easy after applying this oil.

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