How to take care of your skin and hair routine while working from home?

How to take care of your skin and hair routine while working from home?

Working from home has numerous perks. You can enjoy that refreshing cup of coffee sitting comfortably on your couch, wake up a little late and work at your own pace. However, this is also when your skin and hair care routine starts to show small tweaks. And over time the haphazard routine can take a toll on your skin and hair. The challenging part is these effects are seen suddenly and are not visible gradually.

However, you can be your beauty expert while working from home! Pamper your skin and hair with SSCPL’s premium range of skin and hair care products. Each of our products is carefully crafted and prepared to keep in mind the different skin tones and requirements.

Now take care of your skin and hair routine all in the comfort of sitting in your home with SSCPL’S wide range of exclusive products-

Skin Care

Stress and Acne

Working from home has one major glitch and that is you often lose the track of time. The endless work calls and never-ending emails can put stress on your skin. The obvious effects are dull skin and acne building. SSCPL’S acne-free face wash is the perfect option to treat your skin with acne and oil formation on the skin. It is always a good idea to wash your face with the acne face wash before you begin your work from home routine.

Natural Hydration

Before you begin your work, make sure you have beside you a bottle of water preferably lukewarm water. It is important to keep your skin naturally hydrated when you are working for long hours. Water is a natural hydrating element and flushes out the toxins from the skin.


Similarly, another excellent way of keeping your skin hydrated is regular miniaturization. You can perform it twice or thrice in the entire day, especially after you have your bath, and when you are going to sleep. SSCPL’S herbals Aloe VeraGel with Vitamin E provides you with the perfect miniaturization properties to protect your skin and keeping it free from any kind of exhaustive damage.

Under-eye skincare

Continuous exposure to the screen can make your under-eye skin dull and filled with black circles. It is always a good idea to take care of your eyes and the area around your eyes to prevent them from sagging and making them look old. Before you log in to your laptop, a Vitamin E lotion will protect your under-eye skin from dropping and maintain its natural texture.

HAIR care

Regularly oiling your hair

The biggest advantage of working from home for your hair is that you can regularly oil the mane to keep it soft, smooth flowing, and healthy. SSCPL’s Sesame Hair Oil is specially crafted by our experts to provide your hair with the necessary nourishment, strengthening the hair follicles, and treating the split ends.

Combining your hair from the hair to the roots

Let’s face it. Many a time you would have often tied your hair in a bun in a hurry while attending that urgent client call on Zoom. However, it is necessary to gently comb your hair from the roots to the bottom at least twice to thrice in a day. Be careful to do it delicately. Pulling your hair rigorously will damage your scalp over some time.SSCP’s shampoo for anti-dandruff scalp repair is your go-to product for maintaining a healthy scalp and eventually long lustrous locks.

Decide a shampoo regime

Applying shampoo is important for your hair care routine is important, but it should be done gently and with care. Decide a day maybe twice a week for a regular shampoo that can make your hair shiny and healthy.Excessive shampooing just for the sake of it can remove the necessary natural oils which are required to maintain the natural balance of the hair.

At SSCPL Herbals India, our premium range of products right from skincare, hair care is carefully crafted to suit the various skin and hair care needs.