How To Protect Hair in Summer?

How To Protect Hair in Summer?

The dry and hot warm months in India can be punishing for the hair. Just a couple of days into the hotter part of the year and your shiny and manageable hair tend to look dull and damaged, even more than the skin. We give a series of tips on how to keep those tresses healthy.

Troubled with awful hair during summers? It’s common. With heat, dampness, and dust playing spoilsport to the hair during summer days. There is an absolute need for an extra dose of nourishment for your tresses. To begin with, ensure you condition your hair to avoid dull and dry tresses, specialists say.

What exactly happens with your hair in summer?

 Heat is the most harmful thing for hair. The blend of heat and pollution resembles poison for hair. Likewise, people don’t go for the right shampoo and conditioners in summer and use cold water which is more harmful.


how to protect hair in summer by sscpl

Here are some tips that will help you with the things you should do and shouldn’t.

Oiling Frequently:

Use lightweight oil just for summers. For example, SSCPL’s Keshkalap Hair Oil strengthens hair and gives total nourishment to shield it from dandruff, hair fall, and a dry and itchy scalp. The aroma does some amazing things in light of the fact that the oil will go away and fragrance will remain.


Using The Right Shampoo:

The urge to shampoo your hair each and every day tend to be more in the summer months. While that may appear to be a good option, the fact is that it is actually not beneficial, and can lead to drying of your scalp. In case you are among those people who appear to sweat the most in their scalp that eventually makes the hair greasy and sweaty too.

We can help you in this case, using SSCPL’s Charuta intense nourishing shampoo in summers can gently clean and restores lost moisture for healthy and manageable hair. Another tip is that don’t use extremely cold or extremely boiling water to wash your hair.

It’s also good to know your shampoo as different seasons have various products. We have a range of shampoo according to hair condition. SSCPL’srange of shampoo are categorized into hair condition, hair type that includes Charuta hair fall repair shampoo, Charuta intense nourishing shampoo, Dan-o-pause dandruff shampoo, Shampoo for anti-dandruff and scalp repair, Shampoo for chemically treated hair, Shampoo for dry & damaged hair, and Sparinoluciousvolumizer shampoo.


Use Conditioner:

Conditioner is one essential element to protect your hair in summer. One should always apply it after shampoo. Also, try to cover your head when you go out. Use umbrellas, hats, or caps. Giving more Do’s and Don’ts, avoid using additional warmth on your hair. That is to say, least use of hairdryers, curlers on your hair. Avoid taking hot showers or washing your hair in boiling water. The heat can dry out and harm your hair and skin.

You can have a look at our wide range of herbal conditioners includes Dan-o-pause anti-dandruff conditioner, Sparinoluciousvolumizer conditioner, Charuta intense nourishing conditioner, Charuta hair fall repair conditioner, Conditioner for chemically treated hair, Conditioner for dry and damaged hair, Conditioner for anti dandruff& scalp repair.


Apply Serum:

Those who don’t like to use conditioners can apply the serum. It provides sparkle as well as softness to the hair. Try using products that have 0% alcohol in summers as they increase dryness in hair. Usually, it carries dehydration to the hair.

Serum plays the role of sunscreen for hair. It’s a sort of oil. Summer brings dryness by removing moisture from hair and hair gets dull. People love spending time in the swimming pool during the summer, yet prior to entering the pool don’t forget to apply serum as chlorine is harmful to hair. People go out for work, college and so, the serum is essential, particularly if you are planning to stay for long in the sun.



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