Get rid of the winter hair problems

Get rid of the winter hair problems

Winter – A season of hot chocolates and bonfires, a season where mufflers, sweaters, scarfs and hoodies come out of the closet and cold creams and moisturizers come in the forefront. The chill in the weather snatches all the moisture and makes our skin and hair dry, the hair especially becomes rough and unmanageable.  Also it becomes really hard to deal with the static. Breakage, split ends, hair fall and frizziness create a mess of their own.  In such scenarios it is very essential to take utmost care of your hair.

Winter Effects on your Hair

Everyone loves to have lustrous, healthy and shiny hair all throughout the year but different seasons have different effects on your locks. Hair care routines change as the seasons change. In winter due to the weather and over exposure to cold the moisture doesn’t get locked in the hair shaft and hence your hair majorly becomes dry, itchy and flaky. We understand that putting up a fight against breakage and frizz can be oh so annoying and then there are hair static problems due to the tangles and the dryness. All these factors which occur in winter cause your hair to look unattractive.

The Need For Cuticle Care

Cuticle is the part of your hair strand that covers the hair shaft. It is basically the protective layer. The weather conditions in winter damages this cuticle and causes it to wither away, thus exposing the hair shaft. The disappearing of the cuticle is very fatal for the hair strand. This is one of the major reasons why you have hair breakage or hair fall problems in this season and also have to face split ends and visibly unhealthy hair.

Hair Care Routine for Dry weather

  • Warm Hair Oil Massage

Massaging your hair with proper hair oil once in a week will give your hair that moisture and strength it needs. Your mother and your grandma are right when they stress on oiling the hair. A hot oil massage, works wonders on dry hair as it fills your hair with several nutrients and vitamins, revitalizes hair tissues, massage boots blood circulation their by improves scalp condition, fights with hair fall, controls frizz.

  • Avoid Hot Water and Cover your hair

Make sure you don’t wash your hair with hot water as it may cause your hair to become extremely dry. Try to wash your hair with lukewarm water or try to reduce number of hot baths during week. Every time you step out of the home make sure you cover your hair while travelling as the cold weather and the wind may have adverse effects on your hair.

  • Trimming

To avoid split ends and to ensure that your hair doesn’t look pale or weak make sure you trim your hair. Regular trimming works like magic on your hair and makes them look and become healthy.

  • Shampooing

This is the season where adequate cleansing of hair is very vital. Due to the weather conditions in winter your hair becomes dry. Dry hair strands need shampoos that not only cleanse them but also provide the necessary hydration.
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  • Conditioning

As we mentioned before, winter is the season of dryness for skin and hair, hence during this season your hair needs all the moisture it can take. This is where a good conditioner comes into the picture. If you want your hair to be super healthy and if you want to keep dryness at the bay just use a small amount of conditioner on your hair after your shampoo it. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

  • Use hair Serum

Winter dryness brings with it dry lifeless hair full of tangles. There’s one solution to that – a good serum. It not only makes your hair shinier but also makes it look healthier. A good hair serum is a great shield for your hair against dust and humidity.

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We at SSCPL Herbals have come with some great tips to beat the bad hair days that winter usually brings!

  • Make sure you oil your hair properly and massage it thoroughly.
  • Wash your hair with a herbal and mild shampoo using lukewarm water and apply a conditioner.
  • Indulge in deep conditioning and cream baths as these things keep your smooth and lustrous even in rough winter season.
  • You can also apply hair serum and hair concentrates to repair damaged hair and get rid of many problems.
  • Try not to indulge into styling routine that consists of lot of exposure to heat.
  • Do not step out with wet or moist hair.
  • Use satin or silk winter caps to prevent split ends or breakage.

Perfect Products For Your Winter Hair Care

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For Dandruff

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There you go, this was our complete winter hair-care guide. So now go ahead take care of your lovely locks and enjoy this beautiful season.