Daily Skin Care Regimen

Daily Skin Care Regimen

Everyone is extremely busy in their lives. Today’s fast paced world of competition demands a lot from you all the time, isn’t it? In such scenarios many things get neglected. Skin care is one of them. All you do is wash your face put on make-up and leave. Come back wash it again leaving the tiny traces of make up on( as you are too tired) and then go to sleep and wake up to repeat the whole cycle. We understand that following a 10-step skin care routine might be difficult but you can surely indulge into simpler things that won’t require much of your efforts and time.

At the end of the day, what’s natural is what counts! Makeup can only enhance your beauty not make it for you. So let’s accept the fact that keeping that skin young and healthy is a key to looking beautiful for longer! Cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) routine should become a part of your life without being lazy.


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This routine is important for having a healthy smooth even skin. Your skin is a reflection of 30% diet, 30% products you use over it and 40% the care you do of it. It is said to be of peak importance to people who use makeup. This routine is also very necessary for people belonging to 30 years and above.

Why it is important

  • Prevention is always better than cure.
  • To clear all residues of dust, dirt, makeup and other pollutants from your skin.
  • To repair and retain your skin pH balance.
  • To improve your skin appearance by this rejuvenation process.
  • To removes excess sweat, sebum and dead cells from the surface of the skin.
  • To impart your skin a natural glow, radiance and tightness.

Right age to star this

If you are in your 20’s its best, or else you can start in whatever age you are

Men or Women

This is equally effective for all. No genders difference for skin.

Which day of the month

It is for all days of the month, all month of the year.



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Cleansing – cleansing the skin is not only spreading the cleanser all over your face.

A. To do skin cleansing the right way, do the following:

  • Cleanse your skin with cleanser twice in a day preferably in the morning time and before going to bed.
  • For morning regimen use face wash rather than soap, as soap dries the skin.

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For night regimen use mild cleansing milk which removes all the residue of dust, dirt, makeup from your skin.

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D. Ensure your skin cleansing includes timely exfoliation also. You can exfoliate your face up to three times in a week and rest of the body twice. Use natural scrub for exfoliation.

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E. After cleansing your face, try not to use hot water, as it dries up the skin.

F. After every cleansing session, try rubbing an ice on the cleansed area, as this shuts the open skin pores.

G. The best way to start your face cleansing using a hot water steam and then using a tissue with a mild cleanser to clear off the dirt.

H. If possible try to stick to one cleanser only.

I. Use cleansers which do not have – alcohol, acetone, benzonic acid, bronopol, mineral oils, parabens, urea.

Toning – Toning the skin is a very important aspect in skin care.

To do skin toning the right way, do the following:

  • Use the toner after cleanser but you are lazy then you can skip the cleanser and use toner directly also.
  • Toner takes least time and acts fast on the skin.
  •  The main purpose of toning is to hydrate the skin.
  •  The role of toner is to clear off the existing sebum and dust on your skin which cannot be removed by soap or cleanser.
  • For normal to dry skin use toner and for normal to oily skin use Astringent. Astringent is also one type of toner. Toners are mild as compare to Astringents.
  • Toner is also used for maintaining natural pH balance of the skin.
  •  Lastly toners are used to removes residue left upon the skin after cleanser.
  •  Toners can also be used twice in a day just like cleansers, in the morning and before bedtime.
  • Two to five drops of toner are sufficient for one time use.
  •  Take toner on cotton swabs or tissue and dab the face gently rather than rubbing.
  • Splashing your face with toner will not provide extra benefits.
  •  Use toners which do not have – alcohol, acetone, benzonic acid, bronopol, mineral oils, parabens, urea.

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Moisturizing – Last step in CTM regimen is moisturizing. Moisturizing technique alone can make your skin look remarkably younger.

To do skin moisturizing the right way, do the following:

  • Use natural moisturizing products which have natural oils and butters.
  • Skin moisturizing is an everyday activity and skipping it can harm your skin.
  • Generally after shower skin becomes dry, hence moisturize your body after 3 to 5 minutes after bath.
  • Do not moisturize on wet skin.
  • All parts of the body except your hair should be moisturizing properly.
  • Moisturizers can also be used twice in a day just like cleansers, in the morning and before bedtime
  • Even it is important to use moisturizers before makeup.
  • Even oily skins need moisturization.

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Note:   If possible at the end of CTM use face pack or face mask at least once in a week for young & vibrant skin.

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