Best Moisturisers that Are Perfect for the Monsoons

Best Moisturisers that Are Perfect for the Monsoons

After skin and hair experience quite a freedom from the botherations of scorching summer heat, the next season is already waiting with its own set of troubles. Although people eagerly await the entire year for monsoons so that they can soak themselves into the nature’s true beauty, it cannot be denied that the humidity, moisture and a number of skin problems that accompany trouble a lot.

While brands continue to market their best product line-ups in all seasons, we believe that it is imperative to be a little suggestive and recommend only the best and most relevant product ranges to our customers. The basic CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturisation) regime has to be followed even during monsoons, and the most important of these three is the right kind of moisturisation. It forms a protective barrier between skin and weather that saves skin from dullness and dryness during this season.

Some of the products from SSCPL Herbals’ range represent the best moisturisers that are just perfect for the monsoons. These are mild yet premium quality, and totally non-sticky.

Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E

Aloevera Gel with Vitamin - E

Combining natural goodness of Aloe Vera with the incredible benefits of vitamin E, this product by SSCPL Herbals has been the bestselling one over the years. While soothing Aloe Vera Gel works best on tan, sunburns, dark spots and vitamin E serves best as an antioxidant, both these ingredients account for excellent moisturisation of skin. This combination has the ability to bring the best of health, luster and softness to skin. In addition, the even tone that this product offers to supple skin is ever-desirable.

Aloe vera has stood the time test as a versatile skincare product. We go beyond that and recommend its combination with the equally versatile vitamin E. Both produce a magical effect on skin as well as hair (and scalp). They penetrate the skin and scalp deep within, nourish them, and gradually eliminate dryness. We’d like to reveal an added value of this product, apart from moisturisation – its excellent anti-ageing attribute.

Argan Oil Lotion

SSCPL Herbals Argan Oil Lotion 1000ml

What does one want for their skin during long out-of-home days during monsoons? Undoubtedly, it’s a long lasting moisturising lotion. That’s what we offer through this argan oil lotion that prominently has shea butter as one of the key base ingredients. Satisfying skin moisturisation for long hours without compromising on the skin’s glow is the best feature of this product by SSCPL Herbals.

Argan oil is one of the most sought-after natural essential oils that serve as superb moisturisers as well as toning agents. Shea butter is also a widely used base ingredient for its superior moisturising properties, glow inducing abilities and non-sticky nature. The combination is quickly absorbable in skin, nourishing and helps skin in regaining an even tone in a shorter time span. Better skin hydration performed by this argan oil-shea butter lotion in turn leads to skin repair as well.


Cocoa and Shea Butter Lotion

SSCPL Herbals Cocoa Shea Butter Lotion 1000 ml

This too, is a quick absorbing and non-greasy moisturising lotion by SSCPL Herbals. Along with excellent skincare capabilities of  Cocoa & Shea Butter, this lotion comprises healing attributes of olive oil and almond oil as well. This, being a complete rejuvenation package for skin, has been loved by customers over the years. This lotion provides skin with lasting moisturisation during monsoons and brings back life to dull and dry skin once again.

Vitamin E Lotion

SSCPL Herbals Vitamin-E Lotion 1000ml

Considered to be the most skin-friendly, vitamin E lotion by SSCPL Herals comprises botanical extracts of wheat germ and carrot. These key ingredients serve to preserve resilience of skin and help it regain its softness. This is, again, an extremely quick absorbing lotion that is 100% non-greasy and non-sticky. In addition to offering skin the much needed moisturisation that also lasts longer than usual, this vitamin E lotion works excellently on maintaining the texture of skin. It is widely known as a versatile solution to the most common skin problems like blemishes, fine lines, uneven tone, dryness and dullness. Vitamin E lotion acts as an antioxidant and nourishing agent that reinitiates skin repair.

Apart from these fabulous products that are among our bestsellers, our experts highly recommend a strict moisturising regime for all skin types during this season, and all through the year. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day and sticking to balanced dietary habits will definitely enhance the effectiveness of any of these moisturising products. Avoiding usage of any synthetic skincare and hair care products will also help you keep the problems at bay.