Natural glow on skin is the best indicator of having a healthy skin. In addition to an ageing skin over the years, frequent sun exposure, cosmetic care products, makeup, insufficient sleep, increasing stress levels, smoking, alcohol consumption, improper eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity, and insufficient liquid intake cause dullness of skin. This eventually leads to loss in natural glow of skin.

Natural or Herbal Products serve the purpose best, when it comes to preserving the vitality of skin for longer, making it look glowing, youthful for years. Coconut oil, turmeric, fruits like papaya, cucumber and tomato, aloe Vera, rose water, honey, lemon are some of the most popular traditionally recommended natural remedies for a glowing skin. At SSCPL Herbals, we have a got a selection of products that are made from such familiar natural ingredients that make an excellent alternative to harsh cosmetic products laden with chemical bases.

Take a look at the same and pick what’s suitable for your skin.


SSCPL Herbals’ Gold Premium Modeling Mask and Licorice Arbutin Modeling Mask

Mask and Licorice Arbutin Modeling Mask

These are professional face care masks meant for instant glow and fairness. We call them timeless anti-ageing solutions that are made up of completely natural ingredients and thus are absolutely skin-friendly and effective. In addition to rendering your skin the much needed glow and radiance, this modeling masks account for sufficient moisturisation, hydration and detoxification of skin. They also intend to bring about skin tightening, though gradually. The best feature of these masks is that they are free from paraben and petrochemical derivatives.

Suitable for all skin types, premium gold mask contains multiple botanical and herbal extracts blended with a real 24K gold leaf. The Licorice and Arbutin modeling mask makes a fantastic choice for skin brightening along with a gentle anti-tanning effect. While arbutin is extracted from the bear berry plant, it serves as an excellent skin brightening ingredient that works wonders on pigmentation and dark spots to render your skin a lasting natural glow.


Skin Lightening Face Wash

SSCPL HerbalsSkin Lightening Face Wash and Massage Cream are our top recommended choices for skin lightening and glow. Laden with extraordinary natural ingredients like olive, saffron, honey, mulberry extracts and licorice extracts, these products with a base of herbal and botanical extracts play an important role in skin hydration and restoration.

Skin Lightening Gel

On the other hand, if an even toned skin has been your dream for all these years, SSCPL HerbalsSkin Lightening Gel could be the perfect choice for you. The non-sticky non-greasy nature, quick absorptive properties and ingredients like Kiwi and licorice especially add value to the effect of skin lightening. Another of the skin lightening range is the Skin Lightening Scrub that is widely used in treatment facial kits. This scrub can also be separately used for exfoliation that aims for a lightened tone of skin and lasting glow.


Turmeric Cleansing Milk

Cleansing and moisturisation are among key steps in the 3-step routine skincare regime. This Turmeric Cleansing Milk has the power of skin brightening and healing through botanical and herbal extracts combined with turmeric. Fairness, glow, detan and brighteningof skin are some of the incredible benefits of turmeric, which collectively tend to reverse signs of ageing. This cleansing milk is non-sticky, quick absorbing and versatile.


Gold Treatment Facial Kit

SSCPL Herbals’ Gold Treatment Facial Kit is an all-natural effective solution to dullness of skin, pigmentation, loss of skin glow and ageing signs on skin. While this herbal facial kit contains turmeric, cocoa butter, shea butter, calendula, olive & grapeseed oil, lemongrass and carrot as its key ingredients, they primarily work on elasticity, wrinkles and dullness of skin. Optimum moisturisation and hydration of skin, even skin tone, and lightened pigmentation are the best results of this facial kit. Gold Treatment Facial Kit especially offers an instant glow, brightness and a dazzling look to your skin from inside.


Shear Radiance Cream

This is an ultra-light skin brightening cream enriched with multiple herbal and botanical extracts that collectively impart your skin the much desired glow and lasting radiance. With papaya, turmeric, mulberry, lemon, licorice and bearberry as base key ingredients, this paraben-free radiance cream works way better than any artificial bleaching cream when it comes to skin restoration and revitalization to preserve its glow for longer.


Lazure Fairness Soap

Power-packed with natural glowing agents like turmeric, saffron, almond & orange oils, calendula and mulberry, this unique soap bar makes an excellent and convenient choice for those who wish to get their skin glow back, an even skin tone, detanned skin, bright and supple skin, but without using any artificial bleach. The glow that this exotic, luxury herbal soap imparts is visible and has 76% TFM (total fatty matter).

Apart from this fabulous products range, we strongly recommend balanced eating habits, sufficient water intake, sufficient sound sleep, daily exercising and wise skincare choices to maintain the glow on your skin.